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At Juchepie, vines have been organicly grown since 1994.

Consequently, no synthetic products at all have been used since that time. Which has enabled us, by cultivating the soil, to reinstall microbiological life, which had been completely destroyed by so many years of chemical treatment. Moreover, continuing to advance in the same direction, we have, since 2007, adopted the bio-dynamic methods.  

What is the difference between chemical disease control and organic care ?

In organic farming, in order to help the plant at his own protection, we use naturel products, in contact only with the exterior. Which means that they cling to the surface of the plant to prevent the disease from developping. This in contrast to the chemical products which penetrate into the plant. But, for the plant to be able to build up his resistance, a limitation of the yield is absolutely inevitable. Accordingly, our production is less than half of what is legaly authorized.

Is the copper, used in organic farming, noxious for the environnement ? 

As a matter of fact, used in high concentrations,  copper can asphyxiate the soil. Unfortunately, against a massive attack of mildew, it is - besides the use of chemicals - the only effective product. That is why it's use is permitted, albeit in very restricted quantities : max. 6 kg/ha a year. But at Juchepie we have, for a while already, replaced most of the copper by a product based on silicium and by infusions of different plants. That is why we have been able to bring down the proportion of copper, in recent years, to less then 1.5 kg/ha a year.    

Why biodynamics ?

In the philosophy of Juchepie, the plant is the central figure. Its wellbeing is our first concern. Moreover, we are convinced that only a vine in good shape can give us the grapes, ideal to make a naturaly balanced wine. And it occurs that this is exactly the central idea of bio-dynamics. From 2007 onward, in addition to what we did already the previous years, we give our vines bio-dynamic preparations based on cow manure, silicium and different plants, often administered in homeopathic doses. Furthermore, we take into account, the moon calender, to make our treatments more effective still. All this following the principals of Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher, founder of the bio-dynamic movement. We are, as a matter of fact, convinced that these will help us to acquire a more thourough knowledge still of wine and winegrowing.  

Do you want to know more about bio-dynamic winegrowing ?

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